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High Performing Content Delivery Network for Live Streaming Video on Demand Web Acceleration IP Camera Restreaming IPTV/OTT Delivery Cloud Storage

Trusted by over 600+ clients which include IPTV/OTT Service providers, GOVT agencies
ADs agencies, NGOs, Gamers and other leading tv channels

Who We Are

We offer CDN bandwidth prices at affordable prices for companies with no commitments, contracts and setup fee. Our services include Live Streaming, Video on Demand, Web Acceleration, IP Camera Restreaming, IPTV/OTT Delivery, Cloud Storage and more.

We are providing services to 600+ clients which include IPTV/OTT Service providers, GOVT agencies, ADs agencies, NGOs, Gamers and other leading tv channels.We offer our customers, the access to 300+ PoPs which is located at almost all continents in the world. Our customers can deliver the content to end users with minimal latency and maximized reach. Try us with no obligation today.

Control Panel

Flexible and best in class rated by a lot of trustworthy customers. We are frequently improvising the User interface to meet all your needs


We offer performance-based SLA of 99% rather than network uptime. We achieve 100% uptime by making anomaly CDN nodes offline, which is done by our unique routing mechanism


Our goal is 15 minutes response time to resolve issues within the standard SLA. We also provide SKYPE support at a cost for clients with our Advanced Support Service


Adjust the quality of the stream according to the user bandwidth capabilities. This results in better streaming experience for end users that leads to zero buffering and fast load times


Your investment is protected with our free security features. Security features include Domain Locking, Security Token, Geoblocking and more

Delayed Stream

You can delay the live tv channel programs in minutes or hours to match with the timezone of various countries


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Control Panel Unique UI with High Performing Ready to Use Controls

Control Panel enables our customers to manage their account by performing operations such as creating publishing points, push zones, pull zones, view real time status, reports & analytics and more. You can also enable various free and paid features, add-ons via our Control Panel.

Reports Usage History Overview

Historical data and information on the total bandwidth usage can be viewed from Reports section. The usage of bandwidth, disk, and the recording/transcoding minutes can be distinctly viewed. The reports can be easily accessed within the Control Panel.

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Service Status Detailed overview of our CDN Server Status

The service status page has three sections. The current status of our CDN services can be found in the Detailed Status section. Current Events section will have the events which are taking place in real time. The maintenance which are scheduled to perform in the future is displayed in the Upcoming Maintenances section

You can get our service status in your email by clicking the Get Updates button on the status page. Checkout our service status.