Catch UP TV / Time Shift

Time shift / Catch Up tv are television channels where people can watch the time delayed re-broadcasting of programmes which is already going on live or running in its parent channel. These channels are exclusively dedicated for rebroadcast and will not broadcast any fresh programmes.

How it works?

The channel 4 + 1 in UK and the TV One + 1 in New Zealand are the few examples of Time shift / Catch Up tv, which differentiates its channel from the parent by applying digital on-screen graphics. But some channels like Film+1 in UK doesn’t differentiate from its parent channel with any digital on-screen graphic.

The “+1” in their channels refers that it has a time delay of 1 hour from their parent channel. There are also television channels which have time delay of 1:50 hours and 2 hours respectively. Discovery Channel+1.5 from UK is an example of 90 min delayed time shift channel which was later replaced with Discovery Science+1. Sky Movies 2 from New Zealand is an example of a two hour delayed time shift channel.

Catch UP TV