Cloud Storage

WebMobi Networks offers a managed cloud-based storage service that allows you to complement existing in-house video capabilities with cloud-based services to create a customized platform for delivering and monetizing videos like scalable, high performance, secure. The integrated solution forms a unique platform that will help you to significantly boost performance while lowering costs. This storage service consists of multiple terabytes of storage capacity, redundant hardware, and locations across the globe. By utilizing this service, you can serve objects at high speed, and scale as your needs grow.

How it works?

Simply upload your content to one of our Origin server by using appropriate security parameters. Uploaded content will be replicated to one or more storage location by WMN storage service. The load balancing servers continuously monitor storage servers for network health and work around problematic locations routing clients to the optimal storage location. WebMobi Networks Cloud Storage is intrinsically connected with WMN CDN platform. Our Caching software is optimized to pull content from Cloud Storage that provides accelerated content delivery to your users across the world. This will help your users to get maximum performance and scalability benefits at a low cost.

cloud storage

Our Advantages

  • Low Storage pricing.
  • CDN delivery.
  • Store files and media of any size.
  • Triple redundancy of your data.
  • Highly scalable.
  • Highly Performance.
  • Redundant Hardware.
  • No long-term contracts.
  • RESTful API enables developer access.
  • FTP & HTTP data upload option.
  • No incoming bandwidth charges.
  • No request pricing (PUT, COPY, POST, or LIST Requests).

Storing images and movies

You can store as many movies and images as needed. You can come back and watch the movies and reuse the images any time

Document backup

Store important documents and access it on any devices and anywhere securely across the globe

Archiving logs

Cloud Storage is very cost effective. It enable you to archive your log data for both short and long term needs

Desktop and Server backups

Secure online server backup for your business and online backups for PC, Laptops as well

Static websites

If you need to host a website with static content you don’t need a server. Instead you can use our cloud storage

Email storage

You can archive your emails and access it from anywhere. You can archive all your emails and access within our cloud storage platform

File Sharing

With your files on our cloud you can share it to anyone easily inside or outside your business network

3x replication

We have a triple copy as backup for every file you store on our cloud storage platform which you can avail at anytime for later usage

Service Level Agreement 99%

We guarantee that you will have at least 99% network uptime according to our service level agreement

Instant CDN Activation

Your CDN activation will be instant. It will take only 3 - 5 minutes after we get your request

Chunk upload

Segment uploading that can be concatenated into a single object when downloaded. No matter if there is any interruption you can start from where you let off

Reliable Tech Support

Our technical guys are highly skilled professionals. We are available 24x7 via Email, Live Chat and Phone to assist you

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you?

You can use Cloud Storage for many things, including but not limited to:

  • Backups of your documents, photos and other data
  • As a file repository to share with other users
  • As one infrastructure component of applications that you develop to serve your customers

Our support team is available 24x7x365 by phone or ticketing system.

We provide a much lower cost solution than other on-premises storage options or public cloud storage. Built-in data replication ensures that backups remain available even if a server, site or network becomes unavailable. For Enterprises looking for a cost-efficient, reliable, high performance and scalable solution, WebMobi object storage is an excellent option.


Your data is replicated in multiple data centers that are geographically distributed for greater availability.


Account activation is instant.

Yes, you can contact for more info.

No, unless you are uploading illegal content.