IP Cam Re-streaming

Internet Protocol or IP camera re-streaming is a turnkey end to end solutions for clients who has an IP camera installed in their network infrastructure. IP cameras are mostly used for infrastructure security as well as monitoring purpose. IP camera acts as a streaming server to broadcast real time video, but it can only support up to 10 concurrent connections (depending on the internet bandwidth as well as IP camera specification). WebMobi Networks eliminates these limitations by enabling your IP camera streaming to be watched by ‘N’ number of concurrent user.

How does IP Cam re-streaming work?

WMN’s origin servers pull one video stream from your IP camera and your end user can watch the live broadcast from our server rather than overloading the IP camera, thus eliminating the internet bandwidth limitation or any other IP camera limitation.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Static IP for your IP camera or a proper router configuration has to be implemented hence all our servers can pull live video stream from your IP camera.
  • The IP camera should support RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol).
  • Video format has to be H.264.

Best way to check if your IP camera is capable of sending H.264, AAC or MP3 content is by using the Video LAN VLC player:

IP Cam Re-streaming

Service Level Agreement 99%

We guarantee that you will have at least 99% network uptime according to our service level agreement

Multi-bitrate Streaming

Convert the quality of the source stream into multiple bitrates for perfecting the end user experience


Trick play: forward, rewind and pause ie, scroll all around the stream from where you had started watching


You decide the region of presence of your live content. Focusing only on your target audience allows you to save the bandwidth

Domain Locking

Protect your live content from unauthorized viewing and sharing. You will have complete protection of your copyright

Time Shifting

Your live tv program will be set up in a way that it will be broadcasted at different timings in different countries to match with the time zone

Scheduled Playlist Manager

Create a video playlist and schedule it to play on your website for a particular time or repeat the playlist until you manually stop

SSL Certificate

You can integrate your SSL certificate with our CDN. Custom SSL with your own CNAME is also possible

24 x 7 Technical Support

Our technical guys are highly skilled professionals. We are available 24x7 via Email, Live Chat and Phone

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you?

Any number of IP cameras. With I TB package you can stream up to 3 IP camera, 500 INR per additional IP camera.

IP camera being a critical factor and requires high availability, our managed solution will ensure your IP camera re-streaming is available 24x7x365.

Yes, by default 10GB is allocated, if you exceed the storage you can purchase additional storage space.

You can record upto 10GB video, additional storage can be purchased. With DVR you can rewind and forward from where you have started watching the live streaming.