Live Transcoding

Live transcoding for broadcasters to only publish a single source stream to our server. The source stream is transformed into other bitrates or formats. This allows the broadcaster to reduce complexity of source encoding, as well as subscribers receive an uninterrupted stream of video without buffering or stuttering. Live transcoding technology varies the resolution of the video seen by the viewer by switching to streams of the identical content containing a higher or lower bit rate depending on what the current network and processing resources are available, which help with reaching different end user devices and platforms. Transcoded streams can be delivered as HLS.

Adaptive Multi Bitrate Transcoding

Adaptive streaming is a technique of detecting a user's bandwidth capabilities in real time and then adjusting the quality of the video stream accordingly.This results in zero buffering, fast start times and overall better streaming experience for end users for both high-speed and low-speed connections.

Live Transcoding

How does Live Transcoding works?

  • Activate your account.
  • Select source (Internal source stream from our CDN or any external source RTMP, RTSP and HLS).
  • Choose Transcode (You can define encoding parameters) or Transrate (You can only choose bit rate).
  • Encoding region selected should be nearer to your source stream location.
  • Select destination to our CDN or External server.
  • You will get transcoded playback URL or embed code from our console (HLS).
  • Start streaming.

Supported Technologies

Live Multi Bitrate Transcoding

Deliver the live streaming content in multi bitrates to match with the user’s connection speed and improve the user’s experience

Base Price

Live Transcoding starts at a base rate of 1500 INR per month per stream. Both input and output streams are included in the price

Optimal Experience

You can create any number of output stream that provides users watching the content on mobile or web devices the optimal experience

No Limit

Transcoding is unlimited. You can transcode a short or 24x7 live stream event. Also, any number of viewers can watch the stream at a time

Cloud Transcoding

Our powerful cloud transcoding platform reduces operational cost and complexity, eliminates bandwidth bottlenecks, and provides viewers with a high quality user experience on their device of choice

Instant conversion

Our transcoding is super fast. You will get the transcoded output in very quick time

Frequently Asked Questions

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We bill you for the bandwidth usage plus transcoding minutes.


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