Video on Demand

Sometimes live coverage just can't capture all of a desired audience, different time zones and other issues are barriers to people enjoying live streaming content. Here WebMobi Networks offer a Video on Demand (VoD) solution for previously recorded streaming content.

It’s an interactive technology that allows users to view peculiar program at desired time. With video on demand, viewers have the ability to fast forward, rewind or pause options as well subscribers have ability to upload any format of source file to our origin server. The source file will be encoded into other different resolutions like 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p as per your needs. The converted format will be in the form of MP4 and this will allow users to enjoy their on demand experience in different platforms such as portable device, high-end mobile phones and advanced digital media devices.

How does VOD works?

  • Activate your account.
  • Upload your video content using FTP, SCP or rsync.
  • Copy paste the embed code on your website.
  • Start streaming.

Geo blocking

You decide the region of presence of your vod content. Focusing only on your target audience allows you to save the bandwidth

Secured Token

An authentication token that protects your content from third party user access and will keep your content remain secured

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage allows you to store the content and the data is available to us as a backup and you can retrieve it whenever you needed

Video Transcoding

Convert videos files of one format into another format to gain compatibility with another application or device

Scheduled Playlist Manager

Create a video playlist and schedule it to play on your website for a particular time or repeat the playlist until you manually stop

Instant Purging

Instant Purging is within your fingertip. It allows you to refresh the old content with the new content in a single click

Edge Rules

You can instantly control your content delivery by customizing security measures, asset delivery, mobile experience and SEO

SSL Certificate

You can integrate your SSL certificate with our CDN. Custom SSL with your own CNAME is also possible

Referrer Access Control

Referrer Access Control allows you to control which referrer has permission to access your CDN assets

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you?

We bill you for bandwidth and storage usage.

You can purchase additional storage space.

Yes. You can. With the Scheduled Playlist feature you can play your video by setting schedule.

Only available as monthly packages

It's possible to downgrade or upgrade your account but we will be happy to upgrade you at any time. Please contact us at

Yes. We do support only relief organizations. If you consider yourself being one, please contact with your application.

The Scheduled playlist feature helps you to create a playlist of video files in our server and same can be played in the website automatically according to the time that you indicate.

It’s the process of converting digital video files from one format to another.

No. With the new Scheduled Playlist feature in our console you can easily encode your video.

By signing up for a premium plan you will get access to quite a few powerful features and settings, such as redundant storage, encoding (VoD) and live recording etc.

MP4. This will allow you to deliver the content over different platforms such as smart phones, tablets etc.

No. Currently we are not supporting.

You can continue to broadcast and your viewers can continue to view. If you repeatedly run over your storage limit, you need to upgrade to a larger plan or we will send an invoice to your overage usage.

Once you subscribed to our VOD package, you will be able to create a push zone, in which you can customize your CNAME as well as your nearest server to upload the videos. Once it's created, you can upload files to this push zone via the credentials in the console. In short it's a zone where you will upload files for VOD purpose.

It’s a boon service that we furnish to our VOD subscribed clients which can accelerate their website with the help of our CDN Infrastructure, effectively the loading time of their website will be decreased to an extent thereby getting an accelerated webpage.

Yes. We are providing security token for video content.