VoD Transcoding

Video file transcoding is a process of converting a media file or object from one format to another. Here WMN provides a flexible cloud based video transcoding service that is deeply integrated with the Rackspace Cloud Files storage location. Within minutes of signing up for our service, clients have access to a studio-class video encoding platform with virtually limitless on demand capacity.

VoD Transcoding

How does VoD Transcoding works?

  • Activate your account.
  • Upload your video content using FTP, SCP or rsync to RAW folder.
  • Choose the encoding profile (240p, 360p, 480p or 720p) to which source video should be transcoded.
  • Copy paste the embed code on your website.
  • Start streaming.

Supported Technologies

Instant Conversion

The transcoding account activation is instant. You can use the HTTP upload or FTP to upload any number of files and instantly convert those files into MP4

Encoding Profiles

We have created several predefined profiles which you can use for encoding your video. Creating your own profile to meet your needs is also possible. The maximum number of profile you can create is unlimited

Minute Price

Our pricing is very simple. You buy the transcoding minutes and we will bill you for the length of the video. We will not charge based on the bandwidth or file size

Multiplatform support

The transcoding output will work on all devices that include desktop, laptop, mobiles, tablets and connected TV's

No Limit

You can upload any file size and any number of files. The transcoding file can be of any size but we recommend files not exceeding 5GB. You can also deliver to any number of end users via HLS

Instant Activation

Your activation will be instant. It will take only 3 - 5 minutes after we get the request

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you?

With our platform you can upload videos and encode to the most common online video formats to eventually stream the videos with your own video player on your website, mobile devices, social media or on Connected TVs.

Please contact us at sales@webmobinetworks.com for more info

It will activate instantly.

Yes, Our very experienced technical experts are always available 24 x 7. If you have a question, just call or email us.


Yes, you can. By using "FTP Upload" you can simultaneously upload as many videos as you want. Obviously the size of files you want to upload should fit within your storage limit.